What Hawaii Homebuyers Want From Luxury Real Estate Agents

  • Mauna Kea Realty
  • 04/8/16
Puako Beach Drive, Kohala Coast, HI, 96743
What do those seeking the ideal home on the Big Island of Hawaii really want from their luxury real estate agents? In short, the perfect lifestyle. Certainly a spacious, beautifully appointed home with an inviting, appealing landscape is critical – but more than that, luxury buyers are looking for a more relaxed, enjoyable life experience. It’s all about your passions, entertaining, and feeling blessed every day of your life that you have such magnificent, enjoyable surroundings in which to experience life.
Perhaps you’re a workaholic, as many luxury homeowners are. Still, you have passions and a certain lifestyle you want to portray! Perhaps the home offers an aura of relaxation and comfort, and you’ve explored all you can find on Google. We understand that when you lead a busy, full life, what you want most of all is a luxury real estate agent who is dedicated to fulfilling every aspect of your life and the feeling that you’ve reached your dreams and goals. Whether it’s a specific geographical area, street, or environment, you want what you want – and nothing less will do.
Often, affluent millennial buyers are looking for bragging rights, perhaps a rite of passage. Certainly, where you live and the life you live is a huge component of your psyche! Those who are affluent stand apart from those who live “normal,” passive lives; in a word, you’re not someone who simply settles for whatever life throws your way. Whether shopping for your wardrobe or that perfect home, you expect (and deserve) a high-end, high-touch service. In choosing a real estate agent, you want someone who can deliver an offer tailored to your needs, and a highly personal experience. After all, investing in a luxury property IS a celebration of your life, and what you have achieved. Ultimately, an unencumbered life is what you’re in search of – not the McMansion your parents may have had their sights on two or three decades ago.
Two qualities important to affluent buyers? Low maintenance and comfort. Whether you enjoy working out every morning, strolling on the beach, or simply enjoying an exquisite landscape from within your own home, it’s vital your agent can deliver the lifestyle you’re in search of.
At Mauna Kea Realty, we specialize in luxury real estate on the Big Island of Hawaii, and delivering on the lifestyle the most affluent in the world are looking for to enjoy an enhanced living experience.