Selling Your Big Island Luxury Home? Eliminate Odors

  • Mauna Kea Realty
  • 09/22/16
Whether you live in Hamakua, Kohala Waterfront, or another Big Island neighborhood or resort, even the most luxurious of homes can have offending odors. After all, you live in your home! If you’re considering putting your Big Island luxury home on the market, be sure it smells fresh and clean as potential buyers are often turned off by odors. Here’s how.
Pet odors, tobacco smoke, kitchen trash (or even the sink), there are some bad odors lurking in your home that you may have become immune to. How to eliminate them?
For pet urine, soak the carpet and pad with an enzyme spray and let it penetrate. If the smell persists, pull up the rug or carpeting and either leave the floor as is if it’s a nice wood floor or replaces the carpet/floor cover. Another tip for a fresh stain (one that’s still wet) is to use a paper towel and newspaper (paper towel first with newspaper on top) to blot up as much liquid as possible. Stand on it to absorb, then repeat until the area is as dry as you can get it. Once you’ve soaked it up into the paper, rinse well with cool water and blot dry. If stains have set in, a carpet cleaner will deep clean carpets but be sure not to use a steam cleaner which only sets the stain permanently. Once cleaned, apply an odor neutralizer designed for pet odors.
What about a smelly kitchen sink? Oftentimes the drain or disposal can emit unpleasant odors. To remedy this, pour apple cider vinegar into the drain to get rid of the smell, or chop up a lemon or orange and run it through the garbage disposal to eliminate odors.
Garbage, trash, yesterday’s food. Leftovers and containers from foods placed in the inside trash container can really smell worse than you imagine. To remedy this, open up the windows and let fresh air in – and turn the fan on high when cooking to absorb odors. To eliminate the odors overnight, set out a bowl of white vinegar or used coffee grounds. These items absorb odors!
Getting rid of tobacco/smoke odor is a bit more difficult, but you can eliminate most of the smell. Because nicotine not only causes odor but stains, you’ll want to consider washing the windows and walls – and sometimes it may be necessary to wash more than once. To really get rid of tough odors, consider repainting the walls using a primer that blocks odors such as Kilz. You’ll also want to steam clean furniture upholstery and other fabrics that absorb odors.
It’s important that your home smells as clean and fresh as possible when a potential buyer is interested. At Mauna Kea Realty, we want to help you sell your Hawaii Island luxury home as quickly as possible! Give us a call today.