Mauna Kea Realty – Common Misconceptions About Hawaii

  • Mauna Kea Realty
  • 11/28/18
As Big Island real estate brokers who have talked to thousands of people over the years interested in the property, we know there are a lot of misconceptions not only about our island but Hawaii as a whole. It’s all sunshine all the time, everyone knows how to surf, and the population is mostly Hawaiian, right? Not! If you’re interested in knowing more about the state, we hope you’ll find the info below enlightening.
The majority of residents in Hawaii speak Hawaiian. Actually, many of the locals speak what is called Hawaiian Pidgin, which is English on a simplified level stemming from the 19th-century language used on the plantations. You’ll find very few people who can speak Hawaiian fluently!
Ancestry determines whether someone is Hawaiian, not the fact that a person was born and raised on the islands. It’s best to refer to someone who was born and raised in Hawaii as a local rather than Hawaiian, as much of the population here is a mix of white, black, Asian, Latina, and Pacific Islander.
It’s sunny every day in Hawaii. We do have abundant sunshine throughout the year, however considering the islands are in the ocean (after all, that’s why they’re called islands), we also get our fair share of rainfall. Some islands get more than others, but overall the state gets more rain than any other location in the U.S.
Lots of people think they’re headed toward Hawaii’s biggest island when traveling to Honolulu, but this isn’t the case. Honolulu is on Oahu, and the biggest island in Hawaii is the Big Island, a fitting nickname for Hawaii Island.
You’ll need a passport if you are traveling to Hawaii for business or pleasure. It does seem like a dream come true when you finally get to plan a Hawaiian vacation and considering you have to fly in it can seem like you’re headed for an entirely different country. We’ve been a U.S. state for almost 60 years, so no passport is needed!
Every gorgeous beach is covered in glorious white sand. Nope, but you’ll love it just the same. While there are plenty of white sand beaches, you’ll also come across lots of red, black, and green sand. The color of the sand in different locations is affected by lava flow, erosion from volcanic cinder cones, and other factors.
Every local on the Big Island can jump on a surfboard and ride the waves. This is like saying every person can fish, swim, water ski, or snorkel. Some people just can’t get the hang of it, or simply aren’t interested in surfing or any water activity.
You may or may not be a bit delusional about how things actually are in Hawaii, but one thing’s for sure – when you arrive you’re going to love it!
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