Making a Big Island Beachfront Property Appealing to Renters or Buyers

  • Mauna Kea Realty
  • 10/17/18
Many people invest in prime Big Island beachfront property to enjoy themselves, or to rent out during the summer months when vacationers from around the world flock to Hawaii. Perhaps you’re thinking that one day you may decide to sell to a new owner. Regardless, properly maintaining a beachfront property is critical to maximizing your bottom line!
Keep the beach clean and pristine. Gorgeous views of the beach and quick access are what renters or buyers are looking for, so make sure it’s well maintained. It doesn’t usually take much, just picking up any trash or debris.
If the property doesn’t have a deck, consider adding one. What could possibly be more relaxing or appealing than a deck where occupants of the house can enjoy magnificent views and ocean breezes? By adding a beautiful deck and comfortable furnishings, you’ll get the money you invested back ten-fold.
Provide an unobstructed view. From the ocean to incredible sunsets, you don’t want any windows facing the ocean to be obstructed be trees, shrubs, or other objects.
A fresh coat of paint creates a great first impression. The salty air and strong winds often experienced on oceanfront properties can do a job on paint, leaving it chipped or otherwise damaged. Imagine if you were looking to rent a beachfront property for a week or two while vacationing, or thinking about buying a home. What would chipped or faded paint say to you? That maintenance isn’t a priority of the owner. Not a good first impression!
Emphasize the features that make the property unique. Whether it’s an immaculately manicured lawn, an inviting front porch, deck, or swimming pool, highlight the features that make the property appealing and relaxing.
Ultimately you want your beachfront property to be clean, well maintained and comfortable. Most people who look for a home on the beach desire simplicity and comfortable, cozy surroundings – and of course those awesome ocean views!
If you’re looking to buy or sell a beachfront property or any home, estate, or parcel of land on the Big Island, give Mauna Kea Realty a call today.