Living on the Big Island Isn’t for Everyone, but It May Be for You!

  • Mauna Kea Realty
  • 01/3/19
As Big Island luxury real estate brokers we know that living on Hawaii Island isn’t for everyone. Sure, it’s a dream vacation destination and a wonderful place for those who enjoy warm temps, sunshine, and the beach, but what else? As with anywhere in the world, there are pros and cons when you’re deciding whether this is the ideal place to spend your life whether for a while or the rest of your life.
The truth is, it isn’t easy to leave your family and friends behind; that said, isn’t it the perfect place for them to come to visit during holidays, or to take a vacation and spend time with you? It’s difficult to separate yourself and realize you won’t see those you’re closest to on a daily or even weekly or monthly basis – but the satisfaction and happiness you feel deep down in your spirit and soul will likely let you know it was the best move you have ever made.
Living on the Big Island can be expensive, something those with considerable financial means don’t really worry about. Even those who are frugal find ways to get around the expense because they are determined to live their lives in a place they feel an incredible connection to. Gorgeous sunrises and sunsets, deep blue waters that calm the soul, fresh air, and beautiful sand that stretches on for miles. It’s a way of living you simply can’t experience anywhere else. Lots of people who choose to live on the island plant their own fresh fruits and vegetables and enjoy getting together with friends they have made. Everyone brings something, and all enjoy great food and drinks without going out and spending a small fortune. The island definitely has a spirit and energy unlike any you will find on the mainland.
Whether you are an adventurer or like many of us, just want to live your best life in a place that makes you healthy and whole physically, spiritually, and emotionally, you won’t know if living on the Big Island is for you until you try it. If you do decide to venture further into your dream, give our Big Island real estate professionals a call. Aloha!