Is 2018 the Year You'll Make the Move to the Big Island?

  • Mauna Kea Realty
  • 01/11/18
Maybe your New Year’s resolution is to move to the Big Island, or you’ve been dreaming of it for years and now’s the time. As Big Island luxury real estate professionals, we understand that, unless you’ve visited Hawaii at least a few times, you have no way of knowing what to expect – or how different it is. We’re going to enlighten you a bit about our wonderful island, and explain how it may differ from what you’re used to if you live on the mainland.
You can experience almost every type of weather on the Big Island. It’s true! While you may envision gorgeous sunshine and 80-degree temps year-round, the weather here is diverse. From wet zones to those that will bring to mind the desert or even the arctic tundra, you’ll find it all here. People who buy upscale homes have a wide array of climates and scenery to choose from! Enjoy the cold temperatures (and at times, even snow) at the summit of Mauna Kea, the tropical rainforests of North Kohala, or South Kohala’s desert, where you’ll experience beautiful beaches and spectacular Mauna Kea Resort homes – not to mention, the perfectly maintained golf courses. It’s all here!
Do you speak pidgin? This dialect originated from those who were born and raised on the island, many of who were plantation workers. While you’ll find Hawaiian and English the official languages, don’t be surprised to hear a native say “she no stay” or “eh braddah, howzit?” It’s loosely based on English, but you won’t have too much trouble understanding most of those who live here, especially once you get used to it.
The roads are slow to navigate and narrow. Living on the Big Island should be about an easier, slower pace! This is certainly true when you travel the roads of the Big Island, most of which are narrow. How about a leisurely drive through South Kona’s coffee plantations and country homes? While it may be only 10 or 15 miles to your destination, don’t expect to get there in 10 or 15 minutes. Depending on where you’re headed, it could be a half-a-day or all-day drive! It really depends on whether you want to go at a slower pace, like many on the island prefer to do. Not every route of travel is slow, but if you choose to live in the upcountry, you’ll want to allow plenty of time when it comes to traveling.
The Big Island is appropriately named, given it’s huge! If you combined all of the other islands that make up Hawaii, it still wouldn’t be as many square miles as the Big Island, which is 4,000 square miles. If you plan to tour around the island in search of your dream home, you may want to get an early start and give yourself a week or two. From the spectacular Mauna Kea Resort homes to fine neighborhoods and smaller communities, where you’ll find condos or even the ranchlands where the surroundings are peaceful and unspoiled, this is a diverse island with something for everyone. Don’t rush it.
There’s truly no way to describe this paradise in a way that does it justice, and you can’t envision the island’s true beauty and diverse culture without experiencing it yourself. If you’re considering a move to Hawaii in 2018, let the Big Island luxury property brokers at Mauna Kea Realty help you find your dream home.