Hosting a Holiday Party in Your Big Island Home? Getting It Ready

  • Mauna Kea Realty
  • 12/8/16
As Hawaii Island luxury real estate professionals, we know that all homeowners want their Big Island home to be perfect when hosting a holiday party. With Christmas just weeks away, we thought you’d enjoy a few tips to help you accomplish what may seem like a million tasks before the big event. The big issue for most luxury homeowners is what they think they need to do versus what guests will actually notice. These tips will help you avoid becoming overwhelmed with the prep and clean up.
First, know what areas guests will actually see. The foyer or entrance, kitchen, bathroom, and perhaps bedroom or living room are where you need to focus your attention.
At the entrance or foyer, all you need to do is sweep the floor and shake out mats. By placing a flowering plant on the porch or just inside the door and making a placard to set on a table communicating your appreciation, guests will notice little else – and it will make them feel at home.
The kitchen is where guests drop off their own offerings, whether food, dessert, or a bottle of wine. Even if you’re in the midst of preparing the turkey and side dishes, clean as you go to keep clutter at a minimum. Tuck phone chargers, stacks of mail, or small appliances you aren’t using away in a drawer or pantry. Be sure to put out a fresh dish towel and sponge for clean up in case any guests should want to pitch in after the celebration!
In many situations the best place for coats, handbags, and umbrellas is the bedroom. This is especially true if you’re having a few dozen guests whose belongings won’t fit in a coat closet. If the bedroom isn’t in order, not to worry. Simply dim the lighting, focus accent light on a beautiful piece of art or photo, and use a lamp shade in a yellow or orange hue to give the room warmth. Guaranteed – no one will notice the dust or clutter.
What about the bathroom? Since this is a room guests will likely frequent, you’ll want to make sure no one is embarrassed if the toilet is a little slow or toilet paper runs low after a couple of hours. Have a plunger readily available, make sure extra toilet paper is placed where it’s obvious, create a wonderful smelling arrangement of flowers for the vanity to combat odors, and be sure the trash can and hand towels are in plain sight. You may also want to place a spray deodorizer on the tank to make guests feel confident when exiting the bathroom.
What about the rest of your home? Not to fret over a little dust or areas that need to be mopped or vacuumed when you’re running short on time. Clean up any obvious stains on carpet using a little shaving cream and paper towels, dab vanilla extract on light bulbs that will be turned on as the heat disperses the fragrance, and put cedar sticks or pine cones in areas where odors are sometimes more prominent such as around the cat’s litter box, closets, and bathrooms.
Entertaining really doesn’t have to be as stressful as you think – and you can cut the work in half by doing a few simple things such as the above. At Mauna Kea Realty, we specialize in Big Island luxury properties. Contact us today for all of your Hawaii Island luxury real estate needs!